Checklist for New Homeowners

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Real Estate

You've finally finished the paperwork and you've got the keys.  Congratulations, you're officially a new homeowner!  While some think the purchasing process is daunting, what comes next can be equally challenging - deciding what you need in your new home.  Here are a few items to think about prior to moving in, so you're ready to live comfortably when the day comes.

1.  Cleaning Equipment.  If you're coming from an apartment lifestyle, you'll soon realize that cleaning a home is much more challenging and exhausting.  More rooms and furniture amount to more work and ground to cover.  Make sure you're prepared with a broom and mop as well as a good vacuum cleaner.

2.  Toolkit.  Not paying rent anymore is a burden lifted, but you also don't have a landlord anymore.  This means you'll be responsible for all repairs.  Consider assembling an extensive tool collection to be prepared for all possible mishaps - which assuredly will happen.

3.  Design and Customization.  As a new homeowner, you may not be able to splurge on fancy design elements, but that shouldn't stop you from creating the interior of your dreams.  Start with your window treatments and create a color scheme for your home with different styles and hues of drapes.  Think about inexpensive accents like photo frames, vases or vintage furniture you can refurbish.

4.  Entertainment.  When your friends and family find out about your new purchase, they'll want to come over and enjoy your home with you.  Don't forget about having party supplies to easily facilitate entertaining guests.  Party-hosting materials such as serving platters, placemats, cocktail/wine glasses, dishes and cutlery will help show off your new space.