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As more people are transitioning to working from home in some capacity, the need for a well-designed home office is paramount.  Having a space where you feel comfortable and motivated will lead to increased productivity and happiness.  To create the perfect home office space, consider the following tips.

>  Embrace Your Windows.  You may be tempted to place your desk in the corner, but consider having it sit in front of the window, parallel to the panes.  This allows you to have the benefit of natural light when working, providing a nice view of the outdoors to keep your mind clear.

>  Lamp Lighting.  A table lamp is best when working during the darker hours of the day.  Strictly using overhead lighting creates an uncomfortable work environment, so supplement with the softer light of a lamp.

>  Comfort is Key.  Sitting upright at a desk may lead to fatigue, so every home office should have a place to get comfortable.  Add a comfy chair or small sofa (with an ottoman to kick your feet up) for a nontraditional workspace.

>  Go Green(ery).  Adding plants or flowers to your workspace can increase your happiness and your willingness to spend time in your office.  Consider populating the office with plants that don't need water every day, in case you prefer to disconnect from all things work-related on the weekends.

>  Smart Storage.  Install magazine racks or wall shelves to declutter your space.  If your home office is a converted guest bedroom, add shelves and drawers to the closet space to decrease the need for storage in your main workspace.