How to Deal With Inspectors When Buying a Home

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Real Estate

Home Inspections are a necessaity when investing in a new property.  There are a few steps you can take to ensure the inspection process goes smoothly.  

>  Find the right home inspector for you.  Choose an inspector that wants you present throughout the process.  Give him or her room to do the job, but ask any uestions that may arise as you examine the house. 

>  Make the inspection official.  It's best to work with your agent to make the inspection official by writing it into the contract as a contingency clause.  This will allow you to back out of the deal and get a return on your earnest money if repair negotiations go awry.

>  Know when to ask for a repair, take a credit or leave it.  Major structural issues and safety problems are the responsibility of the seller to repair.  For other damages or flaws, ask for the seller to hire a contractor to handle the fix, ask for a credit or reduction in the purchase price, or you can leave it be.

Ask for proof of work completed.  If the seller says that something has recently been repaired or replaced, ask for documentation fof this work.  This will save you from any potential headaches in the future, in case the seller is not being truthful.