IMAGINE SAVING $ ON a new bathroom

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Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?  Before you start the often pricey process, consider these tips to help avoid flushing hard-earned cash down the drain.

Plan ahead.  While hiring an architect or designer may seem like a costly move, having an expert help with remodel plans may be for the best.  Working with a professional will help ensure that your budget and design are sensible, along with constructing a realistic timeline for the project.

Don't mess with pipes.  You may be tempted to move sinks and toilets around, but that can be extremely expensive.  Consider using existing plumbing fixtures to help rein in spending, as new pipelines can cost up to $4,000 each.

Try open shelving.  Bathrooms have some of the smallest square footage of any room in your home.  To open the room up, add open shelving units instead of installing expensive cabinets.  

Salvage away.  A great way to save money is to use salvaged materials or furniture to upgrade your bathroom.  Check antique stores, resellers and auctions to get great deals on older, unused items.  A salvaged piece of furniture makes a great focal point for your bathroom without breaking the bank.