Preventing Infestations

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Your home should be a safe space where you can relax.  That's why one of the worst feelings, as a homeowner, is when harmful insects invade your property.  Here's how to avoid common infestations.

Ants - Be sure to sweep and vacuum indoors frequently to prevent ants from invading and feeding on stray crumbs.  To get rid of these pests, use either a common insecticide, or boric acid or borax powder.  Ants pick up these particles and take them back to their nest, hopefully eliminating the problem at the source.

Cockroaches - If your home is clean and tidy, these bugs won't stick around.  Without crumbs or food sitting out, your home should be roach-free.  If you see them, look for cracks in the walls or floor, and seal with duct tape temporarily to prevent the pests from moving about freely.

Wasps - These dangerous insects congregate around garbage bins or exposed food.  They also can nest around your home, ususally in garages, attics, under eaves or in nearby landscaping.  You can spray the hive at night to kill the pests, but be careful - aggressive wasps may require help from trained professionals.

Mosquitos - These pests need standing water to breed, so be sure to eliminate potential sources, including open soda cans/water bottles, kiddie pools or bird baths.  If you have a standing water source, be sure to filter or clean it regualarly to prevent eggs from hatching.