Selling Your Home? Get the Most Out of Your Yard

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A well-landscaped lawn can do wonders for the selling process.  Studies have shown that homes with tidy yards sell faster than homes with unkempt lawns.  If you are planning to sell your home this spring, here is a checklist to follow:

*  Tidy your lawn.  Mow, edge and water, fluff up mulch, and pull weeds.

*  Make sure fences and outdoor lights ae in good condition.

*  Brag.  If you have made improvements to your lawn, let prospective buyers know.  Pathway lights, professional landscaping, trellises and ponds are all big selling points.

*  Pack seeds you plan to move with you in an airtight container, and store bulbs in a cool, dark place.  (Moving boxes are perfect.)

*  Drain gas and oil from your lawn tools.

Landscaping investments typically yield big returns and beautify your neighborhood, increasing overall property values.

Happy gardening!