Small Flaws can be a BIG DEAL

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When thinking of selling your home, Small Flaws can be a BIG DEAL!  

What may seem like a small problem in your home can be a big deal to prospective buyers who will want to discount the price. names six of the minuscule things that could be big hurdles to closing:

An old electrical panel.  Buyers will want it "up to code".  Get bids from multiple electricians to try and get a reduced repair quote, or offer that amount as a credit in lieu of repair at closing.

*) Ripped window screens.  Window screens will wear out over time, but tears should be taken seriously.  Either repair or replace the screens before listing, or offer a credit at closing.

*) The bathtub or shower.  Some people prefer showers, others want bathtubs, especially parents with small children.  A bathtub with a showerhead above is the best option.

*) Kitchen walls.  Many people prefer open kitchens.  If you think your kitchen's walls make it feel cramped and that's stalling your sale, consider opening it up yourself.

*) Small Closets.  There isn't much you can do to ease these concerns, but try to make your closets look roomier by de-cluttering.  Hiring a contractor to build or extend closets where needed - or pointing out to buyers that they can do this themselves.