Smart Home Additions

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Integrating smart home technology into your existing property is a smart move.  Upgrading certain features of your home can result in increased efficiencies and cost savings down the line.  Here are a few additions you can consider for your home:

Smart Lock:  For those who don't like carrying around bulky sets of keys, smart locks allow for easy and quick access to your front door or any other room in your home.  Many smart locks also track data that indicates when doors are opened and closed, which could be useful for families with children or helping to adjust your daily schedule.

Smart Doorbell:  One of the most popular smart home devices, a smart doorbell, has a built-in camera for identifying guests or solicitors.  Sync your doorbell camera with your phone and you can see who's visiting even when you're out and about.

Smart Lighting:  Useful in a variety of ways, consider adding smart lighting to your home.  You can make your home more energy efficient by turning lights on/off remotely, and you can even set timers for for turning on your lights during certain hours of the day while you're away at work or on vacation, helping to keep your property secure.

Smart Thermostat:  Fine tune the temperature in your home with a smart thermostat.  These devices can be set to automatically change the temperature throughout the day to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  Many devices also have temperature-recognizing sensors that can adjust your heating or air conditioning without your having to lift a finger.

Smart Smoke Detector:  A great safety tool, a smart smoke detector can help keep you and your family safe by sending alerts to your phone if it detects a fire.  They also allow you to "hush" your alarm if it's simply a burnt piece of toast - You'll never have to stand below your smoke detector waving a towel to clear smoke again!