Thanksgiving Food Facts

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Thanksgiving Food Facts

l People didn’t yet use forks in the 1600s. Foods were eaten with spoons, knives and fingers. Large cloth napkins were used to pick up hot morsels of food.

l Food was not served in courses as it is today. Platters were placed on the table and everything was eaten together.

l Children did not eat with parents at the table, but rather waited on the adults alongside any servants.

l There was, of course, no refrigeration, so most foods were dried to preserve them, including meat, corn and fruits.

l Likely foods served at the first Thanksgiving include duck, geese, turkey, venison, clams, lobster, fish and pumpkin.

l There was no milk, cider, potatoes or butter, but the feast did include berries, watercress, dried fruit and plums.

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